1. God Bless

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Written by: Val LeFrere Jr., Julian Council Produced by: Epik The Dawn Recorded by: Russ “Russ P” Apthorp Mixed by: Russ “Russ P” Apthorp Published by: Platinum Noose Publishing


I transcribe homicide on parchment I run the gauntlet
Jewels get flaunted I taunted every nigga who wanted
A shot at trying the crack the codex of my greatness
Now every soul is haunted cursed by voodoo narrations
Smell the fragrance of theses money exchanges
Ranges navigating ranges through these time zone changes (Unh)
Bet your anus that my flow is outrageous sicker than HIV that's mutated
(Its nickel slick ain't it?)
My four pound nickel finish is flaming
Like Jonathan Storm the undisputed champ is reigning
Pound for pound any weight class can get that get served like wait staff
Close ranks just like a Phalanx then let the K flash (Pow)
Past present and the future timeless Charlie Hoover your highness
Mansa Musa the intellectual giant
Complicit when I'm rhyming they witness luxury riding
Cuz I spoke into existence them presidents multiplying

To that I say God Bless
To that I say God Bless

Them Hoover stars are aligning perfect timing I know you see us
Underground to mainstream yeah I know u see is
Turned the naysayers to true believers
Turned 501's to True Religions Chuck T's to Gucci sneakers
I got lean by the liter I got gas by the pound
Got an army at my beck and call my bars are world renowned
Centerfolds face where my center folds
They pledge allegiance to my pole they coax out every drop that I hold
Then anxiously ask for more encore they call for an encore
So I stand before and oblige y'all (Unh)
All eyes are firmly fixated upon the masterpiece I'm painting on
Something like a phenomenon (Unh)
I'm something like God Zeus
Standing on top of mount Olympus striking the up Duce
Witness The Coup that 20,000 gun salute
You stopping who? Better pick a bigger weapon to shoot
My shatter-point is shatterproof my value is absolute
OG in a Coupe Deville diamond in the back with sun roof top
I'm moving at Mach speed these fools try and mock me
But they can't make top speed cuz they run is knock kneed so just stop (Just stop)

To that I say God Bless
To that I say God Bless

Your cut is from tattered cloth a counterfeit version
Your like polo minus the horse pretending to be a boss
Descending into the albatross stuck inside of the box
A snowballs chance in hell for u to ever get out
I stand a mile over the median rhyme is the reason
All of my odds have turned to even my decimals keep increasing
See this fire that I'm breathing the dragons has been unleashed
The hammer's been cocked back the blade has been unsheathed
I'm the heart beat of the street rap nobility
Arms raised in victory every time that I speak
This is the sophomore release of the Boss Muzik trilogy
The rise of Charlie Hoover there ain't no killing me
The world is mine and I say that shit officially
Rip to them 21 mc's
This is my rhyme spree with serial tendencies
All to build my criminal enterprise the HMG
The next dynasty something like the Ming
We bar up the competition something like bing
We leave all these hating niggaz swinging in the west breeze
That's right we hang them high the god has blessed the
God Bless